Scuba Diving on Havelock Island

Nemo Reef in Havelock marks every point on the list for a perfect diving experience and is the best place to dive in Andaman for both new and experienced divers.The rich marine life and abundant coral population near the place offer an engaging experience, second to none. The divers are often enclosed with vibrant fishes and sea dwellers throughout the dive. The perfect blend of clear waters and low water currents makes sure your dive is stress-free and safe. The beach can be reached by road and has an extensive number of experienced PADI-certified scuba providers. The abundance of providers gives you a lot of choices so you can compare and get the best package for yourself.

Top Places to Dive in Havelock Island:

There are total 9 great locations where you can dive in Havelock based on the type of experience you are looking for.

Fish Sighted During Scuba Dive

1. Barracuda City:

Barracuda City is simply the best spot for diving in Andaman for newbies. Long strips of coral belts with the perfect blend of both hard and soft coral population separates it from other locations. The rich ecosystem provides tons of radiant fishes of all species and colors and most of the time, wandering sea turtles can be easily spotted near the corals. Overall the perfect place to dive for a completely unique and memorable experience.

Fish Near Coral Reef - Dive Spot in Andaman

2. Seduction Point:

This hilly underwater world is best known for a huge underwater rock surrounded by wide variety of marine life. The water is shallow and has a dense population of hard staghorn corals and large number of it's inhabitants including Napoleons, which makes this spot very unique and perfect for people looking to see something new.

Guy Scuba Diving near fishes

3. Aquarium:

Aquarium is a little offshore at a distance of 3 Kms from the Elephant Beach and has a lot in store for inexperienced divers. The fringing reefs here are crowded with large groups of colorful fishes. The corals are hard and the water visibility is perfect for a clear view of the marine life.

4. Turtle Bay:

As the name suggests, Turtle Bay has an abundance of sea turtles, and a decent amount of coral population and Rays, which can be spotted in the sand below, which is perfect for people who'd like to see them in their natural habitat. The dive site is decent for inexperienced divers as the depth doesn't exceed 14 meters. Overall, it offers a decent diving experience.

5. Mac Point:

This place can be reached by boat and is abundant with hard corals and small groups of fish. The capital animal of Andaman- Dugong, also known as sea-cow can be easily sighted here.

6. Lighthouse:

Located near the shallow waters, the lighthouse boasts the perfect balance of beautiful fish and soft & hard corals. The water is shallow and grows deeper as you move away from the shore. The clarity of water is great which allows you to dive at night too.

7. The Wall:

The Wall is an enormous underwater rock that drops down to 56 meters and allows for a very unique view of the underwater world. Covered with soft corals and a highly abundant marine life, the wall is a great place to dive if you are looking for an extraordinary diving experience in Andaman.

8. Pilot Reef:

Pilot Reef is a long strip of underwater canyon, almost 24 meters deep, which is filled with a decent amount of hard corals inhabited by some unique fishes, including, Leopard and Whitenip Sharks among others. This place is only recommended for experienced divers.

9. Minvera Lidge:

Minvera Bridge can be easily defined as a big block of hard corals in clear waters, with an average amount of sea dwellers, including Sharks. While it is only recommended for experienced divers, the site does offer a pretty unique view of the underwater kingdom and the thrill that comes with it.

Other Scuba Diving Sites in Havelock Island:

  • Jonnys Geroge
  • Whitehouse Rock
  • Dicksons  Pinnacle
  • Jacksons Bar
  • Broken Ledge
  • S.S. Inchket
  • Red Pillar
  • The Slope
  • MV Mars
  • Purple Haze

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